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How to Save Water? Save Water, Save Earth, Let’s Save some for Our Children

  “पानी तो पानी है, पानी जिंदगानी है ।”   “Save water, save earth”   These are just a couple of quotations out of the several used to spread awareness among people to conserve water; but looks like we just hear it and then forget it. I know many who spend a lot of water; and actually it’s not spending,…

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Education, Life & Society

Our education system needs a complete overhaul

  I have read in books, seen in historical TV serials and movies that in ancient times children were being sent to ‘Gurukuls‘ for their educational needs. There they were being taught life skills like taking care of the animals, farming, collecting firewood, cooking food and so on, besides the Vedas and Upanishad etc. This was really great because it…

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My recent trip to Paradeep, Odisha.

  Paradeep is a small town in coastal Odisha with big commercial value. The commercial value is primarily due to the huge sea port it has and also due to presence of industries like Iffco Fertilizers, Paradeep Phosphates Ltd (PPL), Oil refinery of IOCL, Essar Steel etc.   I had been there recently on a 2 day trip, not for…

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Food, Health

Be careful with drinking water in summer

  Hello friends, still gulping those panipuris (golgappa, gupchup) at the road side? Pouring in those lemon sodas and road side juices? Well, be careful. The typical problem in the cities during summer is that drinking water becomes scarce and hence there is a chance that ‘not so healthy’ water is used in all the items mentioned above, no matter…

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Life & Society

Pros and Cons of Social Media Addiction

  Social Media – I don’t think I need to tell anyone now a days what these two words mean. Ask anyone, even if he or she can’t give a perfect definition of social media, can still give examples like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram etc. So, if everyone knows, then why am I writing about it? Simple, I feel all…

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Online Shopping

Buying Used or Refurbished Electronics

  Folks, have you ever bought anything refurbished, especially electronics? Many of you must have. This story is from my own experience and my suggestions coming out of that.   With so many years of nice online shopping experience, I am usually very much in favour of buying online. The option to return most of the things, if not liked…

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