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Read This Before Buying Your Next Mobile Phone

I often find myself wondering about which is the best mobile phone to buy under Rs xxxxx. Also, there are so many others searching for the same on google that when you start typing the query, google will provide you suggestions as below: The above image means so many times this phrase has been searched on google that it’s now suggesting to me from the history. You might have seen this question already in many forums. You might have asked it yourself in some forums too. Let’s see what is the answer to this type of question then. Disclaimer : I’m no mobile phone expert, professional reviewer, etc. All I’ll talk/write about is from my huge experience with these cute little (not little any more) devices. My short answer to this question is – None . Even in the highest-priced mobile phone in the world, you may find something that doesn’t meet your expectations. Let’s consider from another angle. The smartphones run on software like Android. Also various apps needed to perform certain action