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Talk to the God. Make him a Friend.

What do most of us do while worshiping God in a place of worship? Mostly keep asking for something or some help, isn’t it? God I’m unable to accomplish this, please help; God I’m unable to get a job please help; God there’s no peace in my life, please help and so on; isn’t it? Let’s just see what the God has given us already: 1. The best pair of hands : No other living thing in this world has hands as capable as ours. Most of them don’t even have hands in first place. 2. Best pair of legs : Well, I know that many other living things can run faster than us, but that’s not the only thing we do with our legs. 3. Best body : One that’s highly versatile. Can live on any kind of food. Can survive in various climatic conditions. 4. The best brain : This is the one thing that establishes our superiority over all other known living beings. There is virtually nothing that this part of the body can’t do. We still go back to our creator to beg? He or she must be regretting that the best thing he e

My Addiction to Technology.

  I keep hearing everyday within my family, my friend circle and everyone else that I meet regularly, about my addiction to tech gadgets. Let’s give it some thought to see how true is that. Oxford dictionary quotes “ The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity “. Cambridge dictionary days “ An inability to stop doing our using something, especially something harmful “. Look at the second definition, it also says “something harmful”, which is a very relative thing. Horse riding can be very harmful for some whereas it’s the bread and butter for a jockey or a Polo player. Operating the blast furnace of a steel plant can be extremely dangerous, but it’s the job for the operator. A priest goes to temple everyday and spends most of the day there, is he addicted to it? My father used to go to work everyday, was he addicted too? Nope, they were doing their jobs. Fair enough, then how can anyone call me addicted? Do I waste time chatting with buds on WhatsApp

Criticizing Foods of Other Regions

  Have you ever come across people belonging to one region of our country laughing at the food of another region? I have, and that too many times. There are few foods in some regions of our country that I don’t like too, but I never say anything derogatory about it. I have always taught my children that never judge anyone by the food he or she eats, also never criticize any kind of food. Our food habit doesn’t come to us by choice, though it can be changed later, when we grow up. Everyone’s food habit comes from the family he or she is born in. When I was born I didn’t know what is food, same with every human being. But later on I was fed whatever was consumed in our family and in whatsoever way. This article will be easily digested by those people who have traveled across India and have lived in those places for some time. I’m pretty sure many of them have come across one or more of the examples given below. Have you come across people of one region criticizing someone from another r