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Mutual Funds Sahi Hai: How to invest in Mutual Funds

I started investing in Mutual funds quite some years ago, when the only ways to invest in them were as given below. The intention of this post is to let people know that investing in Mutual Funds has become much easier now a days. Also you don’t need anybody’s help to invest in them if you have a computer, internet, AADHAR, PAN and some interest to learn and do it yourself. The only methods available earlier were: 1 . Open accounts with the online investment portals of all fund houses you’re interested in. To do this I had to download, print, fill up and send the application forms, along with supporting documents, to all of them by courier or personally by visiting their local offices. Only then the accounts got created and enabled to invest. Then came the mandatory KYC which too was a very cumbersome process. 2 . Open accounts with service providers like ICICI direct, share khan etc. and invest in Mutual funds via them. The only advantage was that you could have a consolidated view of

How to Save Water? Save Water, Save Earth, Let's Save some for Our Children

  “पानी तो पानी है, पानी जिंदगानी है ।”   “Save water, save earth”   These are just a couple of quotations out of the several used to spread awareness among people to conserve water; but looks like we just hear it and then forget it. I know many who spend a lot of water; and actually it’s not spending, it’s wasting rather. I remember seeing a video recently on youtube where an inventor was explaining how during washing our utensils most of the water from the tap actually goes down the drain and very little of it actually clean the utensils. There are several similar examples we can find if we look carefully at the usage of water in our daily life. So I’ll not spend much time and space here talking about these, rather, I’ll provide below some steps that should be, or should I say ‘must be’ followed starting ‘now’ in order to save some of the mother earth for our children.   Water saving taps : Replace the taps at home, in the kitchen and wash areas to be particular with the water savin

Indian education system needs a complete overhaul

I have read in books, seen in historical TV serials and movies that in ancient times children were being sent to ‘ Gurukuls ‘ for their educational needs. There they were being taught life skills like taking care of the animals, farming, collecting firewood, cooking food and so on, besides the Vedas and Upanishad etc. This was really great because it was teaching the kids values and also skills to survive in the world. When the foreign forces invaded our country they found that education system to be too efficient and producing amazing human beings. But they wanted to rule India and that too for long time. They realized that well educated Indians wouldn’t dance to their tunes. Hence they systematically destroyed that ancient and efficient education system and established such a system that produces only slaves to work as labourers in their various unimportant positions. It’s almost similar to what they did to our original very efficient and organic cultivation system. They brought ch