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Increasing Cases of Corona Virus (COVID-19) in India

Sometimes I think, so many measures are being taken to control COVID-19 or Corona infection, why the heck the cases are increasing every day then? Some of my thoughts & observations below: I see many people going out every day to the market or supermarket to buy provisions. For some of them going out is so unavoidable that they once go for rice, then again for pulses and maybe once more for vegetables. I simply fail to understand how much more education and awareness is required to make these guys aware of the gravity of the situation! And yes, this is in a huge city, not in an interior village. Then comes the other category that when goes to buy groceries or vegetables, takes a few family members along. I’m sure you’re not going to buy more than two bag fulls of ration at a time, and that’s something one person can handle, then what’s the need to expose other family members and endanger their lives too? If you have to buy something heavy like a 25kg rice bag, then go twice maybe o

Does Cash on Delivery Protect Your Money?

Many of us are still very sceptical about paying upfront while shopping online. In such cases normally we place Cash On Delivery or COD orders which we consider safe. But are they really safe? That’s what we’ll discuss here on the basis of own experiences and also that of others we know. Let’s first look into the examples I have and then discuss further on this. Example #1 (My friend’s mobile phone purchase from a popular used equipment sell/purchase website) My friend short listed an used high end phone on the website, that was being offered for a great price and was in excellent condition. To gain confidence he chatted with the seller on WhatsApp. The seller also send few more pics of the phone over WhatsApp to build confidence. The seller said that the item will be sent by Cash On Delivery (COD), so my friend has to pay the courier delivery guy after receiving the item, so nothing to worry about. My friend agreed and paid Rs 500 in advance via PayTM to cover the courier cost. The n