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Story of My Acidity Treatment

A page here says that acidity causes cancer, isn’t it frightening? We have to agree that it’s a common problem at least in India and I too have been suffering from the same for a long long time. This is the story of the path I have followed over all that time to treat it via various methods of treatment. Read on to find what I’ve gone through and finally how I’m doing right now. Background: I experienced the symptoms like heartburn probably twenty years ago when I was in college. Never gave it much importance then and followed home remedies like chewing a piece of ginger or cumin seeds etc. which I now don’t remember if gave me relief then. Many years passed on, I lived through the acidity problem, finished my studies and started working. At some point, I realized that this is giving me a lot of trouble. And then decided to get it treated professionally. Allopathy Treatment: As usual, went to a general physician for my acidity treatment, described my problem. He gave me some medicines

You Should Read This Before Paying With Your Credit Card

Once upon a time I didn’t have a credit card and was very excited when I got one for the first time. Want to know what the credit limit was? It was a meager Rs 10,000 as per today’s standards. After a few years of that, I was possessing about 8 different credit cards of different banks and was very proud of my possession, as if it’ll earn me something. A lot of time has passed since then, I now possess just 1 credit card and that too only for emergencies. So the question is, why the dramatic change. Well, with time I learned many things and the pros & cons of using credit cards were one of them. I’m going to reveal my story here hoping it would help someone. Given below are the reasons why I surrendered almost all my credit cards. Requires Discipline : Suppose today is 15th of a month, you’ve already allocated your salary into different purposes like domestic expenses, savings, utility bills, car service and so on; suddenly while roaming in a mall you came across something that you