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Some of the faster songs of Jagjit Singh Ji

Well, not everyone enjoys most of Jagjit Ji’s songs, some people blindly tag all his songs as ‘Ghazals’ which they assume are very slow paced and based on ragas. But no, Jagjit Ji has gifted the world many gems and many of them are ‘geets’ and not ‘Ghazals’. He has given many lighter songs which anyone can enjoy.   In this post I’ve highlighted some videos where Jagjit Ji has rendered lighter songs which are very melodious and everyone can enjoy. Hope you enjoy these as much as I do.   1. Mere dil mein tu hi tu hai, dil ki dawa kya karoon… 2. Meri ajab hai zindagi, kisi se kya gila karoon…   3. Pehele to apne dil ki raza…   4. Thukrao ab ke pyaar karo, mein nashe mein hoon… 5. Bol ik taare jhan jhan jhan jhan…