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Be careful with drinking water in summer

  Hello friends, still gulping those panipuris (golgappa, gupchup) at the road side? Pouring in those lemon sodas and road side juices? Well, be careful. The typical problem in the cities during summer is that drinking water becomes scarce and hence there is a chance that ‘not so healthy’ water is used in all the items mentioned above, no matter what the vendor swears by for his/her food quality.   I live in Hyderabad and everyone who lives in or knows about this city also knows about the permanent water problem here. There are areas I know where people rely on water tankers round the year. There are many other cities and towns all over India with similar problem. Just think, in such a situation where would a road side vendor get good quality water for free? If he has to pay for it then either he’ll increase the price of his items or will use whatever water is available to him ( quality goes for a toss ) or even both if the person is greedy. Customers have a reputation of not accepti

How to unlock and install custom recovery on Mi 5 (Gemini)

  Make sure your Mi 5 is running stock MIUI and is updated to the latest.   Obtain permission from Xiaomi to unlock the bootloader of your device here . Once approved you’ll land at the unlock tool download page. Download the MI unlock tool from there or here is a direct link. Unzip it at a convenient location on your PC. You can download it without permission from Xiaomi, but without permission it won’t do what it’s supposed to do; unlocking will fail after reaching certain percentage. Also after obtaining unlock permission there will be a wait time of 72 hours, when you try to unlock with the tool it’ll fail and show your how much time is remaining. After expiry of the wait time use the tool to unlock it and it’ll work.   Download Google USB driver from here . Install it using the procedure given at here .   Make sure ADB is installed on your PC, if not, download the Google ADB from here and unzip it at a convenient location on your PC.   To unlock, power off the phone, keep vol

In Pursuit of an Ideal Smart Phone

  I’ve seen many nice reviews of smart phones, both old and new; however I find one thing in common with every phone that I have used or tested, i.e. none of them is perfect.     I started using a smartphone running Android in 2011. Since then I’ve owned many of them; some were really good whereas there were few over hyped ones; then there were some that stood somewhere in between trying to please everyone. One thing is for sure that none of them were perfect in my opinion. If I found one to be too big for my hands to hold it comfortably, another was just too much hyped to its real performance. There were some who had really good specs on paper but put up a poor show due to not so good software or camera or sensors or a combination of all of these.     So here, I’ll take examples of some phones that I liked the most among those I owned so far, but how they still were not perfect for me in some way or the other.     The ones that I’m going to discuss here are Oneplus 3, MI A1, MI 5, LG