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Should We Boycott VIDESHI (foreign) Products?

I hope you remember the appeal from our Honourable Prime Minister about being “Atmanirbhar” and accept “Swadeshi” or “Vocal for Local”. Please try to recall what kind of thoughts came to your mind after hearing it on that day. I’ve my own opinions on it and have met many people who think in a different way about it than me too. People think about it primarily in 3 different ways: Some think this is a great initiative. Some others say this is good but impossible to achieve. Then some say this is not good and is a kind of discrimination. We’ll talk more about above points, not to derive a conclusion but to analyze the available data more to help reach a conclusion. Is it a great initiative? Yes, because: Our country has no dearth of industrious and entrepreneurial people, they just need some kind of encouragement to bring their dreams into reality. These are the people who when doing something, also create employment opportunities for others. So if we as a country encourage such entrepre