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Mutual Funds Sahi Hai: Why Invest in Mutual Funds?

  It’s a valid question and I know many who have this question in mind are looking for an answer. Reason is simple, no one earlier used to advertise mutual funds as much as insurances or ULIPs, hence it’s still something new for many. But, now there’s plenty of info available about mutual funds all over the internet, if one has access to the internet and some interest to explore. This article is my little effort to tell people the pros and cons of investing in mutual funds. Who would invest : The masses, general public; because mutual fund is something where you can invest as low as just Rs 500 per month. People having abundant money, would choose to invest in land, house, commercial complex or gold rather. What investment options are available and generally bought : Immovable property : Like house, land or commercial complexes. Huge amount of money is required to buy them; they give back humongous returns too if invested in right time and place. So if you have the money then probably