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Increasing Cases of Corona Virus (COVID-19) in India

Sometimes I think, so many measures are being taken to control COVID-19 or Corona infection, why the heck the cases are increasing every day then?

Some of my thoughts & observations below:

  1. I see many people going out every day to the market or supermarket to buy provisions. For some of them going out is so unavoidable that they once go for rice, then again for pulses and maybe once more for vegetables. I simply fail to understand how much more education and awareness is required to make these guys aware of the gravity of the situation! And yes, this is in a huge city, not in an interior village.
  2. Then comes the other category that when goes to buy groceries or vegetables, takes a few family members along. I’m sure you’re not going to buy more than two bag fulls of ration at a time, and that’s something one person can handle, then what’s the need to expose other family members and endanger their lives too? If you have to buy something heavy like a 25kg rice bag, then go twice maybe or think whatever way will be safer for you and your family.
  3. The Govt has made it absolutely clear that only one person is allowed on a two-wheeler, but I sometimes see two people traveling on a two-wheeler. Now, what would they take to understand the situation, maybe some sticks from the policemen, and then cry victim? Folks if you follow the rules it’ll be for your own and your family’s safety, not for the Govt’s.
  4. Children from different families are seen playing together in common play areas of apartments or housing societies, not sure if their parents haven’t heard of social distancing yet. One may argue that so far there’s no suspicious case detected in that society so why stop kids from playing together? My answer to such people is that “you’re safe only until a case is detected” and social distancing is to be followed for children too. Once a case is detected there and upon investigation it’s found that kids related to the patient have played with other kids, everyone will be sent to quarantine. Kids and seniors must be inside their homes at all times. Suppose kids of 10 families are playing together, adults from some of those 10 families could be going out every day and coming in contact with outsiders. Who would know who’s carrying the virus until its incubation period is over?

Now some of you who already understand all the points above will probably agree with me but some others who may not have thought from these angles or have taken it easy so far would get confused. So you may now ask what is the solution then? Well, I don’t really have a solution for you, because the solution that works for me, may not work for you. I’ll just give you some advice below using which you’ll have to devise your own solution.

  1. Take it seriously: If you don’t realize the gravity of the situation, install MyGov app, read about the current situation and also what the Govt has been doing to minimize the spread of the disease. Do you think the Govts worldwide are worried for no reason? Please understand the gravity and follow the instructions from the state and central Govt religiously. Remember, all smokers don’t die of cancer, but some of them do, who knows which lot you would be in? It’s not fear, it’s protection.
  2. Kids: Do not let the kids belonging to different families play together. At least, don’t let your own kids go out of your home nor allow other kids to come in and play with your kids. You never know for sure who’s carrying the virus. Kids don’t listen? Nothing new, that’s how kids are, being the parent you need to handle them if you really love them and concerned about their safety. I have kids too and they haven’t gone out or played with other kids for the last 1 month.
  3. Milk: It’s a necessary product for every household. So if you get milk in packets, then make sure the packet isn’t leaky and sanitize with soap and water or whatever you think would be right. Before sanitizing don’t keep it anywhere in your house. Once you open the packet pour it to the boiling pot and boil, dispose off the packet properly and sanitize your hands. If it’s loose milk, then take it from the vendor in the same container in which you would boil the milk. Make sure there are no physical contacts with the vendor. Keep the container on gas to boil asap and sanitize your hands.
  4. Vegetables & Grocery:
    • If you’re living in a city you may order them online.
    • If you must go and buy them outside, then just one person from the family should go that too protected with a mask.
    • Avoid going to supermarkets or crowded shops, go to the ones with less crowd.
    • Some supermarkets are also providing home delivery these days, you may place an order over the phone and they’ll deliver it at your home, thereby minimizing your exposure to the outside world.
    • Do not go to the market to buy things multiple times, keep it to a minimum, about once a week. Eat fewer varieties in your meals so that you don’t have to go out to buy ration often, you can eat more when normalcy returns.
    • After you come back home, the first thing to do is to keep the shopping bag(s) at a place no one would touch, then put whatever you’re wearing in the washing machine and take bath. Next, take out the items from the shopping bags that have to be kept in the fridge. Sanitize them and have them kept in the fridge. Items that can’t be sanitized like rice should be left in that isolated place and taken only when required and cooked with minimal touch. These are things for which I can’t give you a ready-made plan, you need to think yourself and take action accordingly. Basically think like all of that contains a virus, which is probably true (not necessarily COVID-19), and act accordingly.
    • If you subscribe to newspapers, I would suggest stop it for now and rely on electronic media or the internet for news. But if it’s a must, then think about how you can sanitize the newspaper.

You must be thinking that I’m scared like hell; well I don’t blame you, even some of my family members think I’m unnecessarily scared. Remember, we are almost in WAR. Much more developed countries than ours, with much better healthcare facilities, have already raised their hands in helplessness. People are dying in thousands in the US and Europe. Our numbers are yet to reach there just because of the timely actions taken by our governments.

Another scary part is that if a family member is found to be infected, he/she will be taken by the Govt to the quarantine center. If cured, he/she comes back home, otherwise, you don’t see him/her again. Sorry to say this, but this is the truth.

There is no 100% foolproof way to stay safe from COVID-19, hence, just follow the instruction given by the Govt. Analyze your typical day and take note of the points in time where you could be vulnerable, take care of those points thoughtfully. All the best to everyone and may Bhagwan end the misery soon and we see each other and our near and dears.

Some useful websites:

  1. (Govt of India Website)
  2. (Useful instructions to stay safe)
  3. (Useful instructions to stay safe)
  4. (See status in India)
  5. (See global status)


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