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Story of My Acidity Treatment

A page here says that acidity causes cancer, isn’t it frightening? We have to agree that it’s a common problem at least in India and I too have been suffering from the same for a long long time. This is the story of the path I have followed over all that time to treat it via various methods of treatment. Read on to find what I’ve gone through and finally how I’m doing right now.


I experienced the symptoms like heartburn probably twenty years ago when I was in college. Never gave it much importance then and followed home remedies like chewing a piece of ginger or cumin seeds etc. which I now don’t remember if gave me relief then. Many years passed on, I lived through the acidity problem, finished my studies and started working. At some point, I realized that this is giving me a lot of trouble. And then decided to get it treated professionally.

Allopathy Treatment:

As usual, went to a general physician for my acidity treatment, described my problem. He gave me some medicines which provided me immediate relief. He also advised me that if any day I’m going to eat spicy food, I should take a tablet before food so that the acid is suppressed. Followed it for a couple of years, however, in due course grew suspicious of it, is it really a cure or just suppressing the symptoms? Because even after using the medication for months when I stopped the symptoms reappeared. This is when I decided to go for an alternative system of medicines.

Ayurvedic Treatment:

Next, I decided to go to a proper Ayurvedic doctor for my acidity treatment. Found one who has an MD equivalent degree in Ayurved. He assured that he’ll cure it and provided different types of medicines (syrups, powders, pills) to be taken for months. Gradually I started seeing some improvement. I took these medicines for about 18 months and was feeling really good. That’s when I decided to stop the medicines and see if my acidity problem is really gone. Within a month of stopping the medicines, the acidity problem started reappearing. As usual of human nature, I got tired of the treatment and hence decided to try something else.

Homeopathic Treatment:

This time I decided to go for Homoeopathy for my acidity treatment as advised by some near and dear ones and found out a very experienced doctor who is also a professor in a Homoeopathy college. The process started and after continuing it for months I couldn’t notice any improvements in the situation. This is one treatment that I used for the lowest time period of about just 4 months.

Back to Allopathy:

At this juncture, I had nothing new left to try and I was eager to get some relief at the earliest. Those who have this problem can understand the pain. It won’t kill you but it keeps bothering you every moment. This time I decided to go back to allopathy, did some research to find a reputed gastroenterologist and went to consult him. As per his advice went through an endoscopy (result showed nothing wrong in my guts), then he too prescribed medicines for a month. As usual, while taking the medicines it was all right, after stopping the issue resurfaced. Anyway, I went back to the specialist after a month and described my experience. This time his explanations sounded like there’s no cure for this because this is not a disease, I have to change my lifestyle to get rid of this. As I know my lifestyle is just like normal people, it is neither too spoilt nor too holistic.

Not losing hope, I found out and approached another gastroenterologist. I underwent everything that I’ve described in the last paragraph again and in the end, realized that even he didn’t have a permanent cure for it. Finally decided to take the medicine he prescribed as and when required only and not regularly, and live with the problem.

Out-of-box Thinking:

Recently I was observing my life very keenly to know if I’m doing something wrong. I found after several months that the only thing that I’m doing in my life without any purpose or benefits is “drinking tea” about 3 or 4 times a day. Researched more on this and in most cases though I found some benefits of it, I also found a lot of possible disadvantages. In the process, I also came across some videos here. Given below are some videos that really struck me. Then I decided to stop drinking tea for a few weeks and see if it helps.

Cup of Tea
Photo by Rumman Amin on Unsplash

Now, you believe me or not is totally up to you, I have not been touching tea since last 1 month and the results are amazing. In the last month, I had taken the allopathic pill to suppress my acidity just once. The rest of the time there has been no trace of acidity and that too without any medication. So now I’ve decided to continue my normal lifestyle minus the tea and will take the medicine only when unavoidable. Looking at the current situation I don’t expect to take the medicine too often. This means I still have an acidity problem, but much less than before when I used to drink tea.

I’m not saying tea is the problem behind acidity, but at least in my case, it was. Everyone’s body is not the same, while there are people consuming more than 5 cups of tea per day and still don’t have acidity there are examples like me too. Hence I would say, tea as a whole has become a part of our tradition and daily life, but it has no significant contributions in making our lives better. Also, it doesn’t come cheap. So it’s up to you if you want to keep drinking it or not. But if you’re suffering from acidity, you consume tea and all other reasons behind acidity have been ruled out, then you can stop drinking tea for a few weeks and see if it helps.

Given below are some videos that talk about the pros and cons of drinking tea in detail.


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