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Essential Accessories for Cars

Essential accessories for cars: Whoever drives a car and loves going on long drives would feel like this article is written about him or her. Unfortunate situations like tyre puncture or break downs may happen during long journeys and in the middle of nowhere.

Even during daily intracity commutes these may happen. Given below are some accessories that I felt very essential in such situations. I haven’t used all of them yet, fortunately I haven’t come across such a situation. But many of my friends who frequently drive long distances have experienced one or more of these incidents and many of these accessories are used and recommended by them.

If you decide to check further details about below items or want to buy, you may click on the pictures and it’ll take you directly to the shopping site.

  1. This is a tow rope. In an event where a car needs to be towed to nearest service centre, this comes handy. This is 4 metres long and can pull a vehicle up to 5 tonnes, as per the description. I have seen this with one of my colleagues, and he praises it a lot about how it helped him once during a long highway trip.



2. This is a multi-purpose tool, however it’s very useful in the unfortunate event where someone is stuck inside a car and the central locking stopped working. It helps to break the window glass and come out.



3. Below is a car inverter, not just a charger. If you just need a mobile charger then you can find many cheaper and smaller options. This one really excels on very long trips when you need to charge not just mobile phones but slightly bigger items also, like laptops. I have charged one laptop and one mobile phone simultaneously, with it. You need to be careful on how many devices you connect at a time, it shouldn’t overload and cause pressure on the car battery. I have this for last two years and it worked excellently during my last few trips.



4. This is a tyre inflatter, it inflates a car tyre very easily. One of my friends own it and talks very high about it. However, bear in mind that these are emergency tools and regular usage may reduce their life.



5. This is another tyre inflatter, from a good brand but quite cheaper than the one above. Both are good so one can make his/her own choice.



6. This is puncture repair kit for tubeless tyres only. I own it, but fortunately never got to use it yet. My friends say it’s pretty easy to repair a puncture in tubeless tyres, using this kit or anything similar.



7. This is a dash camera. Not many people use it, but I feel it’s very very important now a days. If you live in a city then you know the city traffic. If your car touches or hits any other vehicle or people, and if it’s not your fault, you can prove that using the video recorded by this device.

This is little expensive but requires minimal human interference. However, if you have an old android smart phone with a good camera, you may download software like “dailyroads voyager”, “Autoboy”, “CamOnRoad” etc. to achieve the same. but in case of a phone, you need to start and stop it everytime and also need to keep the phone battery charged at all times.



8. Now the most important of all; a fire extinguisher for your car. I have seen and read in news few cases where running cars caught fire. In some cases the occupants had escaped with minor injury but it could be fatal too. So a fire extinguisher like the one below is very important equipment to keep in the car at all times.

I enjoyed sharing this experience of mine, hope it adds some value to your road trips. Please feel free to share it on your social networks and also provide your feedback in the comments below.


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