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Redmi 4a – a phone that I own for about 6 months now. As usual, there are many positives and a few negatives with this phone that I have realized. Here is my experience with this phone which is much ahead of several other phones available in the same price range. Some people say the camera is very bad, but frankly I have not seen a much better camera in the same price range in any other phone. I’ve given some positives and negatives of this phone below, which I believe will help you in deciding if you’re about to buy one.

  1. Good performance. I had about 25 apps installed on it and hardly felt any lag. I couldn’t install more due to 16gb internal memory.
  2. A nice looking phone. Design is very decent and looks pretty in the golden color. This 5 inch phone is nice to hold in hands too. 
  3. Good battery life. You can find a battery life test report here.
  4. It’s literally dirt cheap; I never expected to be able to buy a decent smart phone with Snapdragon 425 processor at under Rs 6000.
  5. It’s made in India; at least the unit I have is.

  1. Internal storage is only 16GB and hence gets filled up very quickly.
  2. The SIM slot is hybrid which means either you can use 2 SIMs or 1 SIM and 1 SD card at a time.
  3. Though feature rich, I somehow don’t completely like the MIUI operating system. It’s heavily customized version of android and hence sometimes shows its bulk.

Here is a video review of the phone if you’re interested to watch:

Now, if you’re interested and want to buy one, then here is a link for you to do so – BUY NOW.


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