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Wonderchef Nutriblend Ownership Experience Review is my own experience that I have been trying to write on for quite some time. It’s a cute, compact mixer grinder for the household.

I had bought it online from Amazon in 2014 and it served us fantastically until July 2017. Its space-saving vertical design is a boon to keep it in tight places like a kitchen platform. Also, the grinding quality is excellent compared to conventional mixers. It thoroughly pastes ginger, garlic, onion, etc. without leaving any un-ground pieces; unlike conventional mixers.

But that’s all that I could call great. Next comes the after-sales service and as per my experience I will describe it in just one word – “Horrible”.

Towards the end of July 2017, one of the jars of my nutriblend had a problem. The small shaft and the rotary disk on it that connects to the motor got broken. I didn’t know the exact name of the part, neither it is mentioned anywhere on their website. Hence I called up their customer care number.

14-Aug-2017: A person named Vishal listened to my problem description and guided me over the phone and said that I need to order a complete jar base. He said its price is just Rs 165. I assumed a complete jar base means it should have the shaft and the rotor disk (now I know it’s called coupler) too. I made the payment via online bank transfer, then called them and they acknowledged receipt of the amount. They assured that the part will be dispatched within a week but it actually took about a month and continuous follow-ups over the phone (they don’t respond to emails) to finally receive the jar base in mid-September.

But then another mystery unfolded; the jar base they had sent was just the plastic jar base, no shaft, no coupler. Realizing the cost of the part and courier cost to send it back, I refrained from complaining or returning it.

12-Sep-2017: I called them again and described in my own way that it’s the coupler that’s broken and I wanted to order. They said it’s called coupler and the price is Rs 55 only. I paid it the same day via bank transfer and was assured that it would be dispatched in a week.

09-Oct-2017: I was out of station towards the end of September and hence called after I came back today. As usual, their response was that it couldn’t be sent due to the unavailability of the part. However, they said it is now available and will be dispatched asap.

24-Oct-2017: Neither the part nor any info received hence called them and spoke to a person named Rupesh. He said he’s unable to get the status of the request due to technical issues, so he would check with the backend team and revert in 24 hours. I was not very hopeful, but there was no other option.

27-Oct-2017: I didn’t get any call or email from them but finally received the spare today via the courier.

Just think the excellent manner in which the issue was handled that took 14-Aug-2017 ~ 27-Oct-2017.

You can watch my video on how I replaced the coupler below:

Though the after sales service was horrible, the appliance itself is absolutely fantastic. It’s priced very reasonably and available on popular ecommerce sites for purchase. The way it functions it excellent too. No leakage of liquids neither it leaves any un-ground pieces. If you’re ok (like me) with the occasional after sales service issue, then it’s an excellent product to buy and you may buy one from the link given below.



Picture Source: http://www.wonderchef.in


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