If you were born in or around the 70s then most probably the name Mohammad Aziz needs no introduction to you. If you’re anything like me, you must have sung and danced to his tunes, in different languages. The one “Saawan Ke Jhoolon Ne Mujhko Bulaaya” from the movie “Nigahen (Release 1989)” still sends me crazy and there are many more such numbers.┬áThere are many of his songs in Hindi that i can listen continuously for hours without getting bored.

I hadn’t listened to his songs for last few years, but after his demise, one day searched his name in a music app and played his songs, it felt like my college days were coming alive in front of me.

Not just Hindi, he has given his voice to many songs in Bengali, Odia and other languages too. Being an Odia myself I remember winning singing competitions in college, by singing his songs “smruti eka rupa janha“, “mu paradeshi chadhei” etc.

There are some funny memories too, I remember, many times we were confusing the voice of Mohammad Aziz with that of Shabbir Kumar. Finally we’re waiting for a radio or TV program where the name of the singer was announced before or after playing the song.

He’s not among us anymore, but the treasure he has left behind will surely keep reminding us about his contributions to the entertainment industry.

Given below are two playlists of few of his famous songs, in Hindi and Odia, hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Few Hindi Songs of Mohammad Aziz

Few Odia Songs of Mohammad Aziz


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