Just think for a moment what comes to your mind when you listen a phrase like “two wheeler vs four wheeler”? Maybe I’m talking about the advantages and disadvantages of both or maybe the ownership experience and so on, isn’t it. Imagination knows no boundary indeed.

I’m going to make a statement here which may NOT go well with some, but that’s what I really think. While on the go (driving or riding myself or being driven), the madness I see among people driving or riding makes me feel that have the four wheeler drivers not been careful enough, more than half of the two wheeler riders would have been dead by now.

Sounds bizarre, right? But I really mean it. Below are my takes to support my thoughts:

  1. Two wheelers are comparatively unsafe than four, by design. I hope every logically thinking person would agree with this. If anyone has a logical enough reason to disagree, I would love to hear that in comments below.
  2. Most two wheeler riders are more overconfident than having confidence in self. They would overtake you from your left and take a 45 degree right exactly in front of you, to go to the other side of the road, without thinking that vehicle behind may hit accidentally. They are overconfident that they’ll do it and maybe they think that it’s the duty of the vehicle behind to brake and take care of the situation!
  3. I have a dash camera installed in my vehicle that records every activity in front of it. I sometimes feel astonished at the confidence with which they(two wheeler riders) do wrong maneuvers, and risk not only their lives but also that of the pillion and other around them.

My intention behind this post is not to make fun or accuse anyone or any group of people of anything. But just to remind people that we’re humans because we follow certain disciplines, without that we’re just another animal species. There is no rule or law that the governments have not put in place, just we need to learn and follow them, for the safely of ourselves and our own people. I’m not saying four wheeler drivers are very good, I see many of them committing above mistakes as well; but at least those vehicles have much better brakes than two wheelers, the occupants in a four wheeler are in better safety than two.

Bottomline: As a two wheeler rider myself, I would say, it’s my life, hence its my sole responsibility to keep it safe. I pledge to follow safety rules and not expect just the driver in the vehicle behind or in front of me to follow them. Stay safe and enjoy your drive folks..


Jack of all trades is what almost fits me. I'm a home maker, mother, wife, teacher and so on. I like to talk a lot and when I don't have anyone to talk to, I write.

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