When I say the entire world runs on the principle of ‘give and take’, many become emotional and oppose it. Some try to give some hollow arguments like it’s love that keeps people bonded, at least within families.

I don’t disagree either, it’s love and other needs that also helps in keeping people together, but, if you don’t listen to them, they won’t listen to you either. Tell me just one relationship in the world where one just gives and other just takes?? Every action has an equal and opposite reaction applies here too.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about any individuals, I’m talking about the roles that individuals play. While most parents are selfless, there could be some who are selfish too; same goes for all other relations. While they are primarily selfless as parents, they may be selfish in some other role, isn’t it? So, it’s not about individual, it’s about the roles rather.

I think a mother is the only one in the world who is the closest to a giver who doesn’t want anything in return; but not one hundred percent, that’s why I said closest. You might have heard/read the news regarding ‘mother buried new born alive’, ‘new born found dumped in garbage bin’, etc. After reading these I started feeling that there are situations where even a mother can behave like anyone else. But still I would say the relationship between a mother and her child is much above the rest.

If a relationship is based on give and take principle, in my opinion, that’s not bad at all. It’s like love your children and get love in return. Care for your parents and get their blessings in return. There are saying like family relations are the strongest, they’re not based on give and take; but tell me, if you spend all that you earn each day on yourself, don’t care if your children are hungry, how long you think they’ll be with you. One day they’ll curse you, leave you and look for food and shelter elsewhere. If you don’t take care of your old parents, they’ll curse you too. Same goes with any relation. If you think you and your wife are made for each other, just date another girl for a day and let your wife come to know about it, you’ll realize the depth of your relationship and trust.

The kind of relation that’s unbreakable and unshakable exists only in movies, serials or stories.

My intention of writing this post is not to break relationships, rather to understand their importance and take care of them. This post is not meant to make you think that all relationships are based on ‘give and take’ so leave your family and become a ‘yogi’; rather I meant every relationship needs to be nurtured in order to blossom. So rather than reacting to truth, let’s understand and accept it and do what we can to make things better.


Let’s love and beloved in return, the entire world will become happier. That’s what I call ‘give and take’ relationship 😀

Again, I always say things in this world are relative; what’s true for me may not be the same for you. So these are my opinions, you have all rights to either accept or reject it. Whatever you think about it, please let me know in comments below.


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