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What do most of us do while worshiping God in a place of worship? Mostly keep asking for something or some help, isn’t it? God I’m unable to accomplish this, please help; God I’m unable to get a job please help; God there’s no peace in my life, please help and so on; isn’t it?

Let’s just see what the God has given us already:

1. The best pair of hands: No other living thing in this world has hands as capable as ours. Most of them don’t even have hands in first place.

2. Best pair of legs: Well, I know that many other living things can run faster than us, but that’s not the only thing we do with our legs.

3. Best body: One that’s highly versatile. Can live on any kind of food. Can survive in various climatic conditions.

4. The best brain: This is the one thing that establishes our superiority over all other known living beings. There is virtually nothing that this part of the body can’t do.

We still go back to our creator to beg? He or she must be regretting that the best thing he ever created is also the most incapable.

Can’t we think of him as an ally, as a friend, or as our parents who brought us to this world and stood by us whenever we needed them; that’s what the God does, isn’t it? No matter whether you remember him or not, no matter if you believe in him or not, he’ll still be by your side at all times; I’m sure many of us have felt this in their lives.

He has send us here with a purpose, we need to find that purpose and do the “Karma” to achieve it. In my understanding he wants us to do our Karma religiously than spending time worshiping him.

We don’t try enough to secure a job and keep asking, God please get me a job!

We don’t work on our studies throughout the year and then when the exams come close, keep asking for some heavenly help.

We don’t work on our temperament, we don’t try to make our relationships better, we don’t take responsibility of whatever is happening with us, but we keep asking the God in many different ways so that he can make everything better for us!!

Just think once, if the God himself has to do everything, then why the hell did he create us!! Because he didn’t have enough problems?

God has not created us just to work for money, he has not created us just to take care of our family, he hasn’t created us just to keep asking him for everything. Rather he has created all of us with some unique qualities, that we need to identify and work to develop it. Who knows, that quality of yours may help immensely to make this world a better place. Just keep the almighty God as your ally, share all your success and failures with him.

I’ve no problem people worshiping God traditionally in various places, I just think the worship should be selfless, we should do that just to thank God for all the wonderful things he has blessed us with. Worshiping God to make our own relationships better is just laughable, he’s not making it bad.

Please let me know your thoughts in comments.

Disclaimer: This is strictly the point of view of the writer, feel free to differ. We understand that everyone have their own views and we respect them. This write-up is only about how we don’t fulfill our own responsibilities and expect God to do that for us.

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