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“Sri Jagannath” is not just another deity for the Odia households, he represents the belief, culture and the community of Odias living worldwide.


In my so many years in Hyderabad I have been visiting the Jagannath temple in Banjara Hills with friends and family since the time when the present temple was not even constructed. We never ever thought or heard that there is another Jagannath temple elsewhere too in Hyderabad. However, destiny takes its own turns and we accidentally one day reached a new temple being constructed near Bollaram village, stone’s throw away from the ring road. During my first visit in early 2017 I had appreciated the effort very much and returned home after deciding to visit there regularly. However, could never visit there again until now (Feb 2018).


This time it was an invitation from a friend due to which we landed in the temple premises, enjoyed the atmosphere, the bhajan programme and also the Anna Prasad at the end.


One may wonder, why am I writing about another temple. The reason is, the initiative was taken by some common Odia people who reside in that locality and had realized that to keep the culture and the brotherhood alive, a community building is required. What can be better than a temple of Prabhu Sri Jagannath!



To be Continued…


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