Bollywood songs are indispensable part of every Indian's life, well, almost. Here are some of my favorite numbers I wanted to share with you. They say "happiness is best enjoyed when shared", so I'm sharing the songs that make me happy. :)

1. The first song in this list is originally from the film "Anand" and sung by Late Mukesh ji. But this version is a re-creation of the song from the album "Close to my Heart" by the legend "Jagjit Singh". When I listen to this, I don't just listen it once, loop it on the player for a number of times and only then stop.

 2. Here is another song from the same album by Jagjit Singh, but originally from another movie named "Patita". Again, another soothing rendition.

3. This song is from a movie named "Sheesha" and that too not an old one. It's a recent movie and the singer is "Kunal Ganjawala". I really like this song a lot and listen to it repeatedly.


4. The 4th song in my list is from a movie called "Raajneeti". It's composed and sung by Aadesh Srivastav. The track won the award for Best Lyrics by Sameer and Best Male Playback Singer for Aadesh Srivastav at the 6th Apsara Film and Television Producer's Guild Awards.


5. The last in this list is a gem, sung by one of the finest singers of this time, Sonu Nigam. Movie is "Agnipath", When I listen to this feels like Sonu is not just 'singing' this, he's letting all his emotions flow out; feels like he has put all his skills in to this song. It's not really a fast song, but has got a lot of energy in it. I feel recharged by listening to it.


That's all in this list, that I could think of now. I'll create new list(s) when I come across my other favorites. Till then enjoy the songs.


Jack of all trades is what almost fits me. I'm a home maker, mother, wife, teacher and so on. I like to talk a lot and when I don't have anyone to talk to, I write.

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