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As per the report here, the number of mobile phone users in India has crossed 800 million, in 2019. There are so many brands churning up so many new models every now and then. There are mobile phone giants like Samsung and Apple there also are local companies like Micromax. In every home now you’ll find at least 2 mobile phone devices. Now, different mobile phone use different technologies. Some use wired chargers whereas some high-end ones provide wireless charging. In wired charging again there are “micro usb” ports and also lately there are “usb type C” ports. So you need to have at least two chargers to charge the phones with the above types of ports.

Many households now have more than 2 phones, which may be having different charging port types and hence you need as many numbers of different chargers to charge them. Isn’t that annoying to manage?

So what is the solution? Assuming all of your phones or tablets have no special power requirements, you can have one of the below chargers, connect your different type of charging cables directly to its USB ports and then charge 4 devices at a time.

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