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One may think why I’m writing about Mi5 which is an old phone. Correct, it’s old, but it’s still very powerful and an old flagship phone. Flagship means one of the best phones in a brand’s line up at a particular time. I’m a person who likes to buy old flagship phones due to their top of the line hardware specifications and much lower price tag. I’m sure there are others like me. This review is for them.


I found a Mi5 in excellent condition in a used electronics shop, few months ago. I bought it for pretty cheap and have been using it since then as my daily driver. I’ve even unlocked its boot loader and tried different custom ROMs on it (more about that here).


This review is based on my real life experience with the phone so far.


You may find another article of mine here on comparison of some other phones with Mi5. It talks about my pursuit of the best and affordable smart phone (which I’m yet to see).


Here are some videos of the GPS performance comparison of Mi5 with some other phones:


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