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I have read in books, seen in historical TV serials and movies that in ancient times children were being sent to ‘Gurukuls‘ for their educational needs. There they were being taught life skills like taking care of the animals, farming, collecting firewood, cooking food and so on, besides the Vedas and Upanishad etc. This was really great because it was teaching the kids values and also skills to survive in the world. When the foreign forces invaded our country they found that education system to be too efficient and producing amazing human beings. But they wanted to rule India and that too for long time. They realized that well educated Indians wouldn’t dance to their tunes. Hence they systematically destroyed that ancient and efficient education system and established such a system that produces only slaves to work as labourers in their various unimportant positions.

Ancient Gurukul Education

It’s almost similar to what they did to our original very efficient and organic cultivation system. They brought chemical fertilizers, utilized in the fields and it really gave amazing harvest initially. That prompted the farmers to ditch the traditional cultivation methods and adapt chemical fertilizers that gradually sucked the life out of the farm lands. Now there will be no yield if one doesn’t use fertilizers. And food grown using fertilizers is causing havoc to the health of our population.

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Coming back to the education system, we still have the education system that the foreigners had implemented here for their benefit. Now they are not ruling here, but the seed they had planted in the name of the education system is still producing bonded labourers for their companies. I agree that there are some who are born here and ruling the world, but they are a minority. Majority here spend 12 years in schools for just scoring marks and learning nothing, paying everything that the parents earned to the private schools. Then they become either doctors or engineers to make money for their MNC bosses; doctors at least have a chance to earn some for themselves, but engineers hardly have any options. And because they have studied and moulded to be engineers and haven’t been taught any life skills they don’t even think that they can do anything outside engineering.

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No matter who says what, I strongly believe, the development and progress of our country will be really visible only when our education system changes, government schools are improved to surpass their private counterparts, and they start producing complete human beings who can take up any profession for a living and not just confined to engineering and medicines. I want people to be happy and follow their passion for a living and not become slaves and finally end up in depression. We can do something too by making sure our children are really learning and not just being forced to score marks. Besides we personally can also invest in teaching them some life skills; who know one of those skills may become his/her profession tomorrow.

DISCLAIMER: It’s not my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings, after all my kids too may become doctor or engineer tomorrow. This is just what I have accumulated in my mind by seeing the overall condition of the working class now a days; even I’m one of them. I find bliss in blogging my heart out and that’s what I’ve done.


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