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Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m not going to write here about any new subject, but this is such a subject that makes us feel hungry; it’s “food“. Food has been divided into many categories on the basis of whether they’re good or bad for human health e.g. Food, Junk Food, Diet Food etc.

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By Food, I mean the normal food that everyone eats, irrespective of village or city. It provides all types of necessary nutrition to humans. Our forefathers lived longer and better lives with this category of food. It generally consists of Rice, Pulses, vegetables, Milk, Ghee etc.






Junk Food: Can’t say whether these are really good or bad, but they’re tasty for the tongue for sure. People especially young children now a days, crave for it. This category of food is easy to prepare too. But as per experts, it’s not good for health. Most of the Processed, Package & Fast Food fall under this category.

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Diet Food: Everyone knows about these now a days, what more can I say. Just on the basis of these two words many small, big and even multinational companies are surviving. The food in this category are also called Organic, Natural, Super Food, Diet Food and so on. Some say mix some Chia Seeds in water and drink when you feel hungry, some others say go for Quinoa Salad when you feel hungry; these will provide nutrition but will keep you light and healthy.

I have come across people who have almost completely left eating rice in order to reduce their weight. Some of them have been eating just salad as their primary food for quite some time. Then there are some who are afraid of eating oils and ghee (clarified butter) and some haven’t touched anything sweet for long time now.

Just think which diet food or super food our grand parents used to eat that they were so fit and active!! Ghee and Honey etc. were available at every home at that time and people eating them were considered well heeled. Then why now a days the same food items are being tagged as ‘unhealthy’?

Reason is only one, that’s ‘Business Strategy‘.

Don’t eat ghee -> Eat Olive Oil and Canola oil
Don’t eat sugar and jaggery -> Take ‘Sugar Free’
Don’t eat Rice -> Eat ‘Roti’ made of of multigrain flour
Don’t eat common food grains -> Eat organic, sold at very high prices

Who do you think is/are being benefited by this?

Forget it, this article is about Rice, Ghee and Sweet hence I’ll make all efforts to keep it within that, we’ll discuss about business strategy some other time.

Here I’ll refer to a renowned nutritionist “Rujuta Diwekar“. As per an article published in Hindustan Times, she’s a celebrity nutritionist who has helped film actors Kareena Kapoor and Varun Dhawan etc. achieve their fitness targets.

She has authored some books too:
1. Women & The Weight Loss Tamasha
2. Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight

She is a Post Graduate in Sports Science & Nutrition.

She opines that ‘Natural Sustainable Leaving’ is the best among all. Because if one thing is being advertised today as good for health, some other report comes out after some time opposing it. In such a situation how many times can one change his or her food habits? She also says that just before few years no one knew what Quinoa or Chia Seeds are, still the situation wasn’t worse than now. Then what’s the use of buying those things now in the name of super food and expecting it would do wonders to one’s health? Rather it may harm one’s health if his or her body couldn’t accept it easily. By using these products only the Weight Loss and Fitness industries are benefited.

Some extremely useful videos from Rujuta are given below, hope they’ll be as useful for you too.




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I have provided some links below, which have more information about this topic and also this post is based on some of those; so I can’t take all the credit myself.

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