There are two Jagannath temples I know around the area I live in at Hyderabad. The first, older and better one is at Road No 12, Banjara Hills, as shown in the map below:

This one is actually beautifully built quite some time ago and resembles the original temple in Puri, Odisha. It’s also located at the most posh locality of Hyderabad and frequently visited by many including non-odias. This is managed by the Kalinga Cultural Trust whose building is adjacent to the temple. There are several temples inside the complex and not just Jagannath temple.

Various odia festivals are observed in the temple. During those times they arrange cultural programmes and paid lunch and/or dinners as well. Sometimes there were stalls selling Odisha famous “Dahibara Aludam” and “Puri Ghuguni” etc. Besides “Khaja” and “Gaja” are available there most of the days as “Prasadam” at a very reasonable cost.

If someone wants to have “Anna” prasadam at the temple, they do take orders, but at least for 25 people. The food provided is really good and great for Odias craving for Arua bhata, Dalma, Khata, Saga, Khiri etc.

I had been to this temple on 25-Jun-2017, the first day of Rath Yatra, also called Gundicha. By the time I reached there the pulling of the chariots was already finished. Hence I could just take some photographs, have prasadam, visit the temples in the premises and come back.

Below are some of the pics taken there:

Here is a programme detail shared by Kalinga Cultural Trust on their FB page:

That is all about my visit to the this temple on Gundicha. Will post about my Bahuda Yatra experience after the occasion.


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