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I keep hearing everyday within my family, my friend circle and everyone else that I meet regularly, about my addiction to tech gadgets.

Let’s give it some thought to see how true is that.

Oxford dictionary quotes “The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity“.

Cambridge dictionary days “An inability to stop doing our using something, especially something harmful“.

Look at the second definition, it also says “something harmful”, which is a very relative thing. Horse riding can be very harmful for some whereas it’s the bread and butter for a jockey or a Polo player. Operating the blast furnace of a steel plant can be extremely dangerous, but it’s the job for the operator. A priest goes to temple everyday and spends most of the day there, is he addicted to it? My father used to go to work everyday, was he addicted too? Nope, they were doing their jobs.

Fair enough, then how can anyone call me addicted? Do I waste time chatting with buds on WhatsApp or sharing meaningless messages on Facebook or watching useless videos? Not at all; I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and to market my business. That’s for my betterment, how can that be called addiction?

Similarly, there could be no better teacher than YouTube one day, I’m sure. If one wants to kill time, there is enough in YouTube for that, and if one wants to learn something good, there is no death of useful videos there either.

What would you call a person working as a tester in a mobile manufacturing company? Addicted!! That’s his job man!!

I do watch YouTube and have learnt a number of things from there. Starting from investment, maintaing the car, music, computer programming, web designing and what not.

Don’t understand how all these positive uses of technology are also termed addiction, which in essence means something negative, harmful, bad!

You go out in the weekend in a car, drive for hours, that’s not addiction; but I watched a training video on YouTube for an hour that helped me to learn a new skill to up my career and you term it addiction! Common now. Catch those, spending hours on social media spreading fake and harmful messages.

Friends, let’s live and let live, not be judgemental on what one does. It’s the end result of what he or she does actually matters.

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