Well, this is in no way a new topic, but this is how I became successful in reducing my weight and keeping fit; just thought of sharing it.

I don’t call myself a fitness freak or enthusiast but I used to do push ups since my school days, inspired by someone or something that I don’t even remember now. I was quite fit, but since last 10 years I started putting of a lot of weight. I once reached 70 KG I remember and that’s a lot of weight for my height (I’m in no way tall). I had probably put up that much weight due to nature of my work, no time for fitness regime, good food made by wife after marriage etc.

When I realized that I’m over weight (if not obese) I started doing my olden day push ups. But they just made some of my muscles stronger with almost no affect on the weight. Then I joined a gym and religiously followed the instructions. I didn’t really see any changes and as per advices from my friends and colleagues I went to about 4 gyms in 3 years. Still benefits were not noticeable except stronger muscles. Also it gradually became extremely boring for me to look at the same walls in the gym everyday and exercise.

Someone suggested walking, I did that for about 2 years, walked almost 5 kilometres every day for 2 years. During that time some people said I had lost weight and some others didn’t concur with that. Also walking became boring for me gradually. Walking in rounds in a play ground is boring and if I walk long distances on road then it’ll be a problem to come back quickly if there is an urgency. So stopped walking after doing it for about 2 years.

Then came the tense time because I was uncertain what to do, how to reduce weight and bring back the agility of the olden days. I read some article one day that advised to take up a sport rather than plain exercises. When one takes up a sport that he or she likes then he/she will not feel bored, will enjoy it, keep fit and may be lose some weight too.

I started thinking what sport I like; I had played a lot of cricket and badminton during school days. Cricket was struck off as it needs 11 players, a play ground, requires more time too. So I decided for badminton and headed straight to the sports complex nearby to join. Unfortunately they apparently didn’t have any slots available and hence asked me to wait and keep checking with them in the first week of every month. If some member leaves that they would allocate that slot to me.

Four months passed on and I was still waiting. One day while taking a walk in the sports complex I came across a coach of ‘Lawn Tennis’. I had never touched a tennis racquet before neither I ever understood the sport or watched it. Out of curiosity I just asked the coach if he can teach me tennis, knowing that I have never touched a tennis racquet, I am already 40+ and tennis is an intense game. He said yes, he can teach me, and in fact he is already coaching many others like me. So there started my love affair with tennis.

Now I know who Roger Federer is and why people know him. I can understand how his game is different from that of Rafa Nadal. I did experience a lot of pain in my knees, calf muscles etc. initially, but now I have learnt to keep peace with them and also continue to be in love with tennis. I have been learning the sport for more than a year now and lost about 5 kgs of weight. Some of my old jeans now fit me perfectly.

I wrote this up for people who feel like me about exercising in gym and morning/evening walks. They too can take up a sport they like, enjoy it while keeping fit. And yes, some people just assume that they’re on the wrong side of the age and hence can’t play any sports. That’s absolutely untrue unless one has some serious disease that doesn’t let him/her play. Remember, be it playing, singing, driving or anything that we do, is actually done by our mind, other body parts are just following its instructions. So if you feel you can do, you’ll definitely do and vice-versa.

So wishing you all the best in your endeavor.


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