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This is my thought about the famed JIO Phone after using it for about a month. I will just provide here the Pros and Cons of the phone in my point of view

This phone is really good if you:

  1. Mostly want to use it for calls.
  2. Want a phone with excellent battery backup.
  3. Want to use JIO apps like JIO Cinema and TV some times.

You may not find it good enough if you:

  1. Want to use it as WiFi hotspot.
  2. Want to watch JIO TV or Cinema for long time (Screen is too small for that).
  3. Want to use social apps like Facebook or Whatsapp.

However, there are not many alternatives in the market for JIO Phone except the Micromax Bharat 1. But that too has its own Pros and Cons which I’ll cover in another review. One can go through both before deciding in favour of any one.

I’ve also read somewhere that Nokia is going to release 4G version of its legendary 3310 soon, so let’s see what the future holds for this segment.

Find below a pictorial representation of the pros and cons.


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