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The new Honda CRV is coming to India soon, there are ads that you might have seen on websites and other media. Have you thought if it is worth buying? That is what we’ll discuss here in this post. We’ll talk about the 2WD Diesel variant here.

First let’s see who are the potential customers for the Honda CRV:

1. People who are either loyal honda customers and want to upgrade from a midsize Honda to a full size SUV or other brand midsize car owners that want to upgrade and that too to Honda.

2. People who are looking to buy a big SUV around 30 Lakh rupees.

Now let’s consider how the CRV matches the expectations of above 2 potential buyer categories:

1. Frankly speaking if you own a diesel Honda Mobilio, BR-V, Amaze or City and are happy with it, I don’t see any practical reason why you should even consider upgrading to CRV.

Let’s see what the new CRV offers on the Diesel 2WD version:

a. 9 speed AT gearbox
b. 1.6 Ltr diesel with 120 bhp@4000 rpm and 300 Nm@2000 rpm
c. Cruise control
d. Climate Control
e. Automatic Headlamps
f. Rain sensing wipers
g. Paddle shift

Having driven the Mobilio and Amaze S i-Dtec, I probably would like to have only the options ‘a’ and ‘d’ above, because I mostly drive within city limits and both these features could make the life of the driver a bit easier. Rest of the features are just nice to have and unnecessarily increase the price of a vehicle. The 1.5 Ltr Diesel engine on the current Honda diesel cars is already great in terms of torque and not bad in power; it’s also very reliable and frugal, though not refined. What do you think would make someone ditch Mobilio/BR-V/Amaze/City for CR-V costing a whooping Rs 30,65,000 Ex-showroom in Hyderabad? The 1.6 ltr engine though bigger, so is the heft of the vehicle. So I would say if you’re really not happy with your present Honda Diesel or really are looking for an upgrade there are other better options as given below.

2. Now, if you are in the market looking to buy a big SUV around 30 Lakh rupees, then again I don’t see any compelling and practical reason that would make you ditch all of the below options for the CRV. If you are ready to spend Rs 30 Lakhs, then most probably you can spend few more Lakhs too and go for a BMW X1 if you love driving. If you are looking for sheer thrill and horse power then the Ford Endeavour could be what you’re looking for. And if you are looking for something that’s well balanced in most aspects and is known for bullet proof reliability, then none other than the Toyota Fortuner will meet your expectations. If you want to stand out in the crowd then probably the ISUZU MU-X or PAJERO SPORT is what you should look at.

Someone will buy the CRV only for brand name probably, i.e. someone looking to spend that much money only on the brand Honda, even if better options are available in the market.

Additionally just search for Honda CRV in google and see the ratings yourself. Need I say more??

Conl: The new CR-V is not a bad car at all, Honda engines are great and maybe Honda might have worked hard to refine the diesel engine too. But it’s just too little too late. Big size premium SUVs are not mass market cars, the buyer base is limited and hence who comes first makes the mark.

Note: These are entirely my views and don’t make your buying decision entirely on this. After all, car is a very personal preference so take your own decision after reading this or any other reviews. Make sure you test drive the car thoroughly before making any decision.

Picture Courtesy: https://www.hondacarindia.com/honda-crv 


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