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I’m sure in last few days you must have seen above video or similar videos in television, social media and so on. Are you concerned? Hell yes; I know.

Now let’s face the truth:

This report is only partially correct. It’s correct in saying that uploading our photos in the app could be privacy issue.

No special app is required to leverage (rather exploit) your personal data.

We Indians are famous for sharing our personal data all over the internet. The photos of our entire families, friends etc are already in Facebook, Instagram, Google photos, Twitter and everywhere one can think of.

If someone had a wrong intent, he or she can take one of our shared photos from any of the above platforms and do anything he/she wants with it. There’s no need of a special “Face App” for that.

My advice is: if you’re concerned about your personal data, be careful with every platform mentioned above, don’t even set profile pictures. Otherwise, all your data is already available to the whole world.

Bottom Line: Sharing your personal data, family photos or checking-in on social media apps are indeed risky. You may read the view point of an experienced writer on information security here.

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