I’ve seen many nice reviews of smart phones, both old and new; however I find one thing in common with every phone that I have used or tested, i.e. none of them is perfect.



I started using a smartphone running Android in 2011. Since then I’ve owned many of them; some were really good whereas there were few over hyped ones; then there were some that stood somewhere in between trying to please everyone. One thing is for sure that none of them were perfect in my opinion. If I found one to be too big for my hands to hold it comfortably, another was just too much hyped to its real performance. There were some who had really good specs on paper but put up a poor show due to not so good software or camera or sensors or a combination of all of these.



So here, I’ll take examples of some phones that I liked the most among those I owned so far, but how they still were not perfect for me in some way or the other.



The ones that I’m going to discuss here are Oneplus 3, MI A1, MI 5, LG G5, Moto G5 Plus. Now you may say I should compare apple to apple, why phones from different ranges? Simple, it’s not a comparison, I had bought them because they influenced my buying decision for some reason, but later turned out to be lacking in something else. Otherwise I’m very much aware that A1 and Moto G5 Plus are midrange phone whereas the rest are flagships of their respective brands.



Let’s now see what I liked or didn’t like about each of these phones:




OnePlus 3


Display Battery Backup (Never lasted for even a day on a full charge)
Performance (Due to SnapDragon 820 CPU)
Slim Construction




Xiaomi Mi A1


Display Software (Details here). The OS is pure android and not MIUI, but too buggy to be good. Crashes frequently after Oreo update.
Camera (Nice Portrait Mode) Size (Too big to my liking)
Battery Backup (Good, if not among the best) Performance (lags at times)




MI 5


Display Battery Backup (Never lasted for even a day on a full charge in my case)
Performance (Due to SnapDragon 820 CPU) Software (There are many fans of MIUI, even I like some of its features very much. But GPS performance is very very bad in this phone. MIUI could be the reason)
Overall Design
SMS app and notification system of MIUI






Display quality Design (the removable battery mechanism puts a question mark on the build quality)
Performance (Due to SnapDragon 820 CPU) Size (Too big to my liking)
Camera (Superb dual camera)
Battery Backup (Good for such a powerful phone)




Moto G5 Plus


Display Performance wasn’t too good for me as it is a midrange phone with Snapdragon 6xx series CPU.
Camera is good for general usage No compass sensor inbuilt, so navigation experience wasn’t good.
Battery backup is just ok, no more Weight; I don’t go by how heavy (or light) it’s on paper, I just feel it to be heavy while in my hands.
Software is almost pure android and quite good



As you can see from the above details I was never completely satisfied with any of the above phones, though most of them were flagship models of their brands. Many years ago I owned a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I wasn’t fully happy with it either, I don’t remember the reasons now. So one thing I personally concluded that either there can’t be one phone satisfying everyone or the brands are deliberately leaving something to be missed in each phone so that people keep changing their phones.


Oh yes, I haven’t yet told you what my requirement is; remember it’s just my requirement, all the criteria given below may not be important for everyone.



My Requirement

The phone that satisfies

Size and form factor MI 5 / Zuk Z2 Plus
Performance OnePlus 3 / OnePlus 3T
Camera LG G5
Software OnePlus 3 / OnePlus 3T
Overall Hardware OnePlus 3 / OnePlus 3T
Battery Backup LG G5 / Lenovo K6 Power / Lenovo P2


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