How to import contacts from an Android smart phone to a Nokia 230 running S30 is what this article is about.

This is actually very simple and straight forward and you don’t need any additional software or a PC to do this.

I recently copied the google contacts from a Lenovo K6 Power to a Nokia 230 Dual SIM.

The steps involved are given below:

  1. The Lenovo is running android 7.0 and has the google account configured and has the required contacts in it already.
  2. On the Lenovo turn Bluetooth on. Make sure both phones are kept close enough to be in their bluetooth coverage area.
  3. On the Nokia, go to Contacts > Options > Copy Contacts > Another Device > Copy To Phone.
  4. It’ll then see the Lenovo and try to connect via bluetooth.
  5. On the Lenovo confirm (answer yes) to allow the Nokia to connect.
  6. The Nokia will now ask “Start importing contacts to your phone?”, answer ‘yes’.
  7. Seat back and your contacts will be copied very fast. It took a couple of minutes to copy around 400 contacts.

Please try and let me know if any comments or suggestions. Hope this helps someone with a similar situation.

Interested in knowing what are Lenovo K6 Power and Nokia 230? Take a look at below videos:

Nokia 230:

Lenovo K6 Power:


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