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How was the voting experience for the common voter in the Telangana assembly elections, conducted today (7th Dec 2018)? Well, I don’t know about entire Telangana but I can talk about my own experience in my booth in Hyderabad. Also what I came to know from the experience of few others in the same booth.

First the bad stuff: Government declares that one just needs to carry along a Voter ID or another ID proof to the booth and cast his/her vote. However, the polling officers said that the slip(the one containing voters booth number, serial number etc.) provided by the agents sitting outside the booth is mandatory. I saw another person who took a printout of his same details from CEO website, was also sent back to collect the slip, although the print out contained all the required info. This was a bit crazy to see that one of the most important processes of a democracy is still relying on paper slips.

Now the good stuff:

  • The policemen deployed at and around the booth were very cooperative.
  • Check and note your booth number and serial number from the “NAA VOTE” or “MY GHMC” app, then go to the agents sitting outside the booth, they’ll easily find and give you your voter details slip.
  • Once you have the slip and produced to the polling staff, rest of the process is a breeze.
  • As majority of the shops, offices were closed for voting, driving or riding on the city roads was pure bliss.

Did you cast your vote today? I’ll be eager to know your experience, please share in the comments.


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