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“पानी तो पानी है, पानी जिंदगानी है ।”


“Save water, save earth”


These are just a couple of quotations out of the several used to spread awareness among people to conserve water; but looks like we just hear it and then forget it. I know many who spend a lot of water; and actually it’s not spending, it’s wasting rather. I remember seeing a video recently on youtube where an inventor was explaining how during washing our utensils most of the water from the tap actually goes down the drain and very little of it actually clean the utensils. There are several similar examples we can find if we look carefully at the usage of water in our daily life. So I’ll not spend much time and space here talking about these, rather, I’ll provide below some steps that should be, or should I say ‘must be’ followed starting ‘now’ in order to save some of the mother earth for our children.


  1. Water saving taps: Replace the taps at home, in the kitchen and wash areas to be particular with the water saving taps. They save a lot of water while getting your work done efficiently. Some examples are given below:
  2. Handsfree Taps: Well, this is a pricey option and not everyone would like it. But if you’re keen on investing some more then go for it, and keep it limited to the areas in home with high water usage; i.e. kitchen. It has a sensor built in which automatically starts dispensing water when we show hands or utensils in front of it and cuts off the flow when the object is removed. It will definitely save a lot of water in cases where people keep the water running while brushing teeth or wiping utensils after washing etc.
  3. Automatic Washing Machines: Semi-automatic washing machines are sold a lot due to their cheaper price, however there is no control over water usage in that. If after washing clothes you felt like adding more water for just rinsing, there is nothing to stop you. However in automatic machines no human intervention is required, just make sure you start it after choosing correct washing program and then let it stop on its own; it’ll use water as per the program, no more no less. These are of course pricier and more sensitive equipments than their semi-automatic counter parts.
  4. Stop Leakage: Even one drop of water leakage per second wastes a lot of water. So if you notice any leakages anywhere in your home, please get it fixed asap.

  5. Stop wastage: In washrooms of public places like malls or offices I have seen people opening the tap to wash hands, then don’t close it fully and leave it leaking and wasting water. Please do close it fully if you noticed somewhere.

  6. Rain water harvesting: The Governments must start imposing laws where no building can be constructed without provisions of rain water harvesting. It must be given occupancy certificate only after verifying that the provision has been made and made properly. Thankfully we get enough rain every year, well in most parts of the country and if we can harvest that and recharge our ground water levels, then that would be one of the greatest favour to mankind.This kind of efforts are mostly considered as the responsibilities of the governments, but why not ours too? After all it’s our life, our future, our children; so we must understand and realize the need, and proactively participate in rain water harvesting, starting ‘now’.

  7. Waste water harvesting: The same provision made above for rain water harvesting can also be used for waste water harvesting. We can redirect the waste water from the kitchen and wash areas to the rain water harvesting pits (not necessarily the water from bathrooms though). The waste water goes deep inside the soil and gets purified in the process.

  8. Educate Domestic Helps: These are the people, at least in urban areas, who do the household chores that use lots of water. If they are taught the importance of water and how to use it wisely, lots of water can be saved.

  9. Water Recycling: This isn’t possible everywhere, but wherever it is, should be used for watering plants.

  10. Car Wash: Cars should be washed in car wash centres and/or using recycled water.


Below video shows some innovative water taps, hope you’ll enjoy watching:


Well, that’s all I could think as of now, please suggest in comments below if you have any suggestions too.


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