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Hello, how are you folks doing? Must be good I hope.

I was thinking about a minor issue today and found that though it’s minor, sometimes it is enough to make us worried or even annoyed.

It’s about coloring our hair.

You may say what’s so worried about it? Isn’t it? I know, just be with me and read on to realize what I’m saying.

After a particular age we all get grey hair and most of us try our best to make them black/dark brown etc. Let’s see what are the popular options as of today.

  1. Mehendi
  2. Regular Dye/Color
  3. Herbal Dye/Color
  4. Shampoo based Dye/Color

There could be more, but these are the most common ones, so we’ll discuss these. We’ll also see which is/are easy to use hair colors.

First of all we’ll remove item #2 above from the scope, because these days everyone is concerned about chemical based products and slowly moving towards herbal products. Even if you consider it, still you’ll have to prepare a solution of it, wear gloves, apply carefully to your hair or take help from someone, take care not to apply on your skin by mistake, let it dry for the necessary amount of time, then wash. The chemical based dyes induce itching in some people, and some complain of headache, not sure if the dye is the cause.

Secondly, let’s take items #1, in case of mehendi you’ll have to soak the mehendi powder in water overnight and then apply carefully. There are some instant mehendis available in the market but I doubt if they really are herbal. Again while applying mehendi also you’ll have to take all precautions as said above for #2 and this takes even more time to dry on your hair.

Now, regarding item #3, I haven’t come across many herbal dyes, but I’ve seen the pouches from Patanjali, used them and they are really good. When you prepare the solution to apply it becomes warm on its own, this makes some people feel that there are some chemicals in it. Well, maybe… but there are some natural products also which produce heat when mixed, e.g. honey and lime. Overall it colors the hair well, but you have to follow all precautions mentioned above, because after all it’s a dye.

So, did you notice what are the common annoyances there in all of the above 3 items? You’re right, you need to do it very carefully and the entire process takes significant amount of time. So what’s the solution?

Item #4 is available in the market as a solution to some of the above problems. It promises to color the hair in just 15 minutes or so and also assures that it is easily removable if applied to the skin by mistake and also easy to use, just like a shampoo. There are a number of solutions available in the offline and online market places, however, I found a particular to be really nice among them. I have been using it for about 6 months now and my experience is quite good with it. It’s so easy to use that you would want to use it even for touching up small patches of hair, frequently.

  1. It indeed colors the hair in about 15 minutes.
  2. It’s really easy to apply on hair.
  3. If applied on the skin by mistake then you can clean it asap and it gets cleaned pretty well unless left on the skin to dry for a long time.

And, the product I’m using is:

You may buy it at any of the below links:



If you’re just interested in the 10-in-1 hair serum spray that claims to stop hair fall and regrow hair, then unfortunately it’s not on offer separately. You’ll have to buy the hair color to get the serum spray in the package. However, there is another such serum spray available from another brand of repute that I have provided below. People looking for just the serum spray may try the one below:


And yes, though both sprays seem to contain onion extracts, don’t worry, they don’t smell like that 🙂

I’m sure once you start using it you’ll not hesitate to use it frequently. The best part is the company claims it to have natural/herbal ingredients and, it also comes with a free “Hair Serum Spray”. The spray is said to contain onion extract that promotes hair regrowth.

So why not give it a try and see for yourself?


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