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Folk tales about how kings lived with their many queens. Not sure of the truth, but this is what was told to us by the guide. At times it sounds hilarious but mostly logical. I heard this from some of the guides during my recent Rajasthan trip.

As per them a king used to have many official and even more unofficial wives. The unofficial ones were living outside the palace. The official wives used to live only within their designated area of the palace and only with their own maids (daasis).

The queens, if wanted to get together, a venue was being decided and all official queens come there to meet, remember all of them. It was not allowed for just some of the queens to meet separately from the rest. This was for security reasons; if some of the queens were against the king, they can’t together plan anything against him. This arrangement was also to maintain peace within them.

Which night the king has to be with which queen, was being decided by an astrologer. The king used to spend the night with that queen, who according to the astrologer would be in a romantic and supportive mood on that night.

There is no way to find out if the things mentioned above are true or otherwise, but they are surely amazing to know. One would definitely enjoy the way the guides narrate it. Links to my other articles on this trip are given below.

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Hope you enjoyed it too. Please leave your comments.

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