Me and a few of my long time colleagues once thought that we need to do something outside our regular job, not primarily for money, but for a change in the life we’re leading and also to connect to the basics of survival.

We thought that natural farming could be the way we should go. However being inexperienced in it, we wanted to visit a few farms around Hyderabad and gain some experience. We spoke to a farm owner over phone and he agreed to show us his farm and give some tips for a fee. We started in a car, reached there somehow, discussed with him, got our dose of knowledge and came back.

The way we reached the farm was more interesting and adventurous than the destination itself. We lost the way, and had to do some unintentional offroading in a Honda Mobilio. Whoever heard about this were shocked, because that’s not at all an offroad vehicle, it’s a road car only with very low ground clearance. I was stuck at a time in mud, but fortunately with some push from the friends I managed to get the car out of it. It was a lesson, neither good nor bad.

Below is a video of the difficult part of the offroading, captured by my dash-cam system. Hope you’ll like it.


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