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  1. Does your employer pay you bonus every year?
  2. Are you married and live with your wife?
  3. Do you hide from your wife about the bonus? (Could be for a good reason like paying off bank loans etc.)

The questions above sound pretty normal, for many people, isn’t it? So what’s worth writing about it then? Well, read on the next set of questions…

  1. Does your next door neighbor work in the same company as yours?
  2. Does he has a wife who’s a friend of your wife?
  3. Does your neighbor tells about financials, like his salary, bonus etc. to his wife?

If your answers to each of the above questions is “YES”, then maybe you’re sitting on a bomb which may explode any time, without warning!! See below for a comical representation:

Friends, this is for fun; read, share and laugh it off. Let’s not take it seriously; that is not the intention at all.

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