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Online shopping is probably losing its edge. In past few months you might have noticed the diminishing edge of the online shopping sites. I mean the rate at which discounts and offers normally churn out. Now a days even if they make big announcements and display flashy ads, the actual discounts are really not much to talk about.
As per news, this is because the big brands are actually revising their pricing strategy for their products to make the selling price similar across the board,  especially after implementation of GST. You might have seen some popular mobile phone brands that used to sell only online earlier are now adopting both ways.
However, if one asks me I would say, I’ll continue to leverage both, online and offline shopping, depending upon situation. The edge that online shopping sites still have is in customer friendliness. Except a few item types, one can always exchange a product for genuine reasons, even can return and claim refund, of course there are some terms and conditions. This is where the offline shops lag behind.
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