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Hypertension & Diabetes together, one of the deadliest combinations. Not just I’m saying this, the above snap is taken from The Times of India, Hyderabad Edition, Dated 14th Nov 2017, Page – 3. It says the two telugu states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are plagued the most by these diseases.

The same news paper after a day (15th Nov 2017) published another article that said there are just two states in India where diarrhea is the biggest killer; in the rest, it’s heart disease.

In my opinion this problem is expanding at such a large scale in these telugu speaking states because of the lifestyle of the people here and their food habits. I have no experience about the people and their lifestyles in other places in these two states but I think I’m quite familiar with that of Hyderabad city.

I can recall some funny stories that I and some of my family members have come across.

I have been living in Hyderabad city for more than 10 years now and I was born and brought up in a different state; my food habit is different from the food habit of Hyderabad. However after so many years here, I now enjoy majority of Hyderabadi food.

Sometimes when I carry my lunch box from home to office and I share it with my colleagues they say there’s no salt in the food items whereas we actually did. But the amount of salt, pepper etc. in our home made food is very less because of the food habits in the place I originally belong to. But here in Hyderabad most of the people that have come across eat a lot of salt and heavily spiced food.

Similarly when my children go to school and share their food items with their friends they say that your mom has probably forgotten to add salt. But that’s not the case. The reason is that they are habituated to intake of much more amount of salt pepper than we do, so less amount of it does not satisfy the cravings of their taste buds.

Few years ago while driving to the office I had seen some huge White colored statues installed at many of the junctions and they were named as the salt monster. The reason was to spread awareness among people regarding the troubles that come with excessive intake of salt. However many years have passed after that, those statues do not exist anymore and I don’t see any significant change in the salt intake of people here either (at least my friends and colleagues).

There is a old saying that what is tasty to the tongue is bad for health or bad for the body.

I also believe that the governments and the media is already giving enough importance to this topic. If we still do not recognize the urgency of the situation and we continue to eat a lot of salt and spices, then probably we probably can’t escape from the clutches of the deadly duo.

The snapshot above is a nice article that already says a lot about the consequences that can happen if one has diabetes and high blood pressure both.

I understand that if you stop eating more salt and more spices suddenly the food will become tasteless; but if we continue doing that then I am sure that after sometime our taste buds will be habituated with that and there’ll be no difficulty in eating food with low salt.

Particularly in metro cities like Hyderabad and other such cities the lifestyle of people is already very hectic. In this situation we must modify our food habit which will help relax our body and provide required nutrition but not excessively harmful substances like salt, spices and high carbohydrate foods.

There are enough scientists and doctors in the world who have already said a lot against salt and high carbohydrate intake. If we still do not modify our lifestyle of food then probably no one can save us from deadly diseases like this.

I’m not saying excessive intake of these in food is causing the diseases, but it’s surely help them to aggravate. These diseases are hereditary too, as per some docs I have spoken to, however it’s our responsibility to keep them under control by taking medications as prescribed by a doctor, regular exercising, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and also by lowering the intake of salt, sugar, spices etc.

Below is an infographic that advises good diet for people with these lifestyle diseases (diabetes and high blood pressure):

If this article helps anyone to understand the gravity of the situation then I will feel I have done something good for the society. Please leave your comments below.

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