This post should be particularly interesting for people born in the early 70s or before. Between 1970 and 2000 there were very few but exciting bikes being produced in India. Having a bike then was considered a luxury and and those who were youngsters had thoroughly enjoyed those bikes. There are news in the internet about some of those bikes coming back or being re-launched in India. I became very excited by the news and hope this post will provide some excitement to you too or at least will provide some good read.

1. Yezdi / Jawa: We never had this bike in our family but some of my friends did. I remember these bikes because of some special characteristics that I had seen at that time. One of my friend who had an Yezdi was very happy with the bike except for the days when it simply refused to start after several kicks to the starter lever. I also remember a Jawa in my neighborhood that used to run on Kerosene producing thick black smoke from its dual exhaust pipes. There is news that it’s being relaunched and follow the link below to read about it:

New Yezdi Bikes to Launch Soon!

2. Yamaha RD350: Remember this bike? I never got a chance to ride this bike, but I still see the price the used units are commanding. I have read that former Indian Cricket Captain Mr Dhoni too has one of these. They were considered the performance machines of that time. It was also known as Rajdoot 350. It’s competitors were Yezdi and Bullet. Below link says that this is being re-launched. Definitely a good news for those who rode one and vouch by it.

Yamaha RD350 to Return?

3. Yamaha RX100: I did ride this many times as some of my friends had those. The most and only irritating thing for me about this bike was the noise it used to make, however many people liked that noise too. The pickup was superb and instant, if you’re not habituated to riding one then releasing the clutch lever on 1st gear to get it moving could make the bike jump and lift the front wheel. The link below says that the company is considering to bring it back in India.

Yamaha RX100 Is Coming Back With 4-Stroke Engine

I enjoyed reading these articles thoroughly, hope you enjoy as much as I did.


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