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Well, summer is here and needless to say we are striving for cool air everywhere. But there are days or some particular times in the days, when you don’t really need the chills of an air conditioner, rather just some air flow from a simple fan feels really satisfying.

Now if you are not a fan of a ceiling fan, and a table fan or a pedestal feels bulky, then here are some options for you. These are very compact fans that can be accommodated at very tight spaces and they still provide pretty good airflow. Someone truly said that “necessity is the mother of innovation“. If you’re like me, who was born in the 1970s, then a fan to us means either a ceiling fan or a bulky table or pedestal fan. But as more people moved to cities, and living space is becoming tighter by every day, innovations are taking place. Tower fan is something which is tall but narrow, and probably can be easily slid into the gap between the files on an official table. They are available also with various heights so as to fit in different places.

Given below are some such fans with great looks, and the buyers have also provided nice feedback about them. If you’re also looking for such a fan, explore below options; who knows, maybe one of them is made for you. J



This one looks like a fancy gadget, almost directly from the star wars movie. It has a remote control too, you don’t have to reach to it to switch it off or change the speed of the fan. To add to that, the height is just 100 cms, so you can think which all places you can fit it in. Click the picture on right to see complete details and order.

Yet another cute model from a renowned brand ‘USHA’. A tower fan with good ratings from the buyers, also the design is meant to please everyone. It’s not a radical design like the one above. It comes with 1 year onsite warranty. Click the picture on right to see complete details and order.

This is a very powerful fan, but doesn’t consume a lot of power. It creates little more noise than the other two due to the powerful fan. If you want a fan for a room & not just to keep on your table top, then this could be a good option. Can also be easily moved from room to room. Click the picture on right to see complete details and order.



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