My recent travel experience with our Indian Railways

My recent experience with our Indian railways is about my journey from Secunderabad railway station to Cuttack (Odisha) by the East Coast express. I deliberately ditched air travel for train this time, because it was a personal journey and a relaxed one, hence I was free to choose my own way. Another thing that I…


Greatest Travel Quotes of All Time

The time of the year has started when everyone love to travel to their favorite holiday destinations with near and dear ones. This helps to increase the tourist revenue of the destination and relaxes the traveler's mind and body. However there are side effects too, the major one being the popular holiday destinations feel choked…


My recent trip to Paradeep, Odisha.

  Paradeep is a small town in coastal Odisha with big commercial value. The commercial value is primarily due to the huge sea port it has and also due to presence of industries like Iffco Fertilizers, Paradeep Phosphates Ltd (PPL), Oil refinery of IOCL, Essar Steel etc.   I had been there recently on a…


2017 Farewell with a Picnic

  Here is how we, some of the Odias (born in the Indian state of Odisha) living in Hyderabad, had been for a picnic on 31-Dec-2017 to bid farewell to 2017. This was actually a brainchild of the ladies in the group, we gents had just extended some helping hands. As per picnic stands…


Essential Accessories for Cars

Essential accessories for cars: Whoever drives a car and loves going on long drives would feel like this article is written about him or her. Unfortunate situations like tyre puncture or break downs may happen during long journeys and in the middle of nowhere.

Even during daily intracity commutes these may happen. Given below are some accessories that I felt very essential in such situations. I haven’t used all of them yet, fortunately I haven’t come across such a situation. But many of my friends who frequently drive long distances have experienced one or more of these incidents and many of these accessories are used and recommended by them. (more…)


Photos: From my Haldighati, Kumbhalgarh, Ranakpur & Mount Abu trip in September 2017

Photos: From my Haldighati, Kumbhalgarh, Ranakpur & Mount Abu trip in September 2017.

This was the last leg of my trip and was quite interesting. Haldighati is the place where the battle between Man Singh and Maharana Pratap was fought. It is also the place where his famous horse ‘Chetak’ had died after saving his master. There is a museum that’s really worth visiting especially for school children. They show a short movie there too about the history of Haldighati. (more…)


Photos: From my Jaipur trip in September 2017

Photos: From my Jaipur trip in September 2017. It was a really good experience of life time. The new thing that I learnt this time is that hiring a guide is very very useful while visiting a historical place. I felt some of them add some ‘masala’ to the way they explain about the history of the place, but still it’s worth. Even better is that the amount they charge for their services here is quite reasonable. (more…)


Bollaram Jagannath Temple

The other Jagannath Temple I have seen in Hyderabad is in Bollaram area as shown in the map below: This is a temple which is currently running in a temporary small house. The actual temple is still under construction. This is being constructed by the "Shri Jagannath Uttkal Samskruthi Sangham". The Bollaram are is primarily…

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