My Robot Project Using GoPiGo and Raspberry Pi

My robot project using GoPiGo and Raspberry Pi is a project that I did quite some time ago. It was purely out of my own interest. I had heard a lot about Raspberry Pi and the way it can be used in different fun electronic projects. One day I got a Pi as a gift from a friend and then bought a GoPiGo kit myself by investing some money. Did some research online and started off. Finally I managed to make a working robot car, that can be operated from a computer or from the Pi directly.

I have plan to utilize my experience and make a mobile app so that it can be operated from mobile phone via internet. But running very busy now a days and hence no time for that. Hope to do it sometime.

If you're an electronics enthusiast and want to try your hands on it, you may buy a Raspberry Pi from here; and a GoPiGo can also be bought from Amazon which is out-of-stock at the moment. (Note: I'll be benefited if you buy using these links). You may buy one from here.

Here is the video for you to enjoy...


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