Cool Tower Fans for Warm Summer Mornings

Well, summer is here and needless to say we are striving for cool air everywhere. But there are days or some particular times in the days, when you don't really need the chills of an air conditioner, rather just some air flow from a simple fan feels really satisfying. Now if you are not a…


Read this before deciding about BSNL’s FTTH Broadband

BSNL is one of the most underrated Internet Service Providers around. I had got the largest under-utilized infrastructure in the country. The reach of its network is enough to give shocks of life to the likes of JIO, however, it lags behind because of the step-mother treatment it has always received from the government and…


My Addiction (a good one) to Technology.

  I keep hearing everyday within my family, my friend circle and everyone else that I meet regularly, about my addiction to tech gadgets. Let's give it some thought to see how true is that. Oxford dictionary quotes "The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity". Cambridge dictionary days "An…

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