Is Honda CRV 2018 Worth the money? | My thoughts.

The new Honda CRV is coming to India soon, there are ads that you might have seen on websites and other media. Have you thought if it is worth buying? That is what we'll discuss here in this post. We'll talk about the 2WD Diesel variant here. First let's see who are the potential customers…


Auto Expo 2018: The cars I liked the most

  I didn’t get a chance to visit the Auto Expo 2018, however I have been following it via print and electronic media. I really liked below cars and wanted to share my feelings here. However I’m unable to post any pictures because I didn’t take any myself and can’t just use other’s pics here…


Essential Accessories for Cars

Essential accessories for cars: Whoever drives a car and loves going on long drives would feel like this article is written about him or her. Unfortunate situations like tyre puncture or break downs may happen during long journeys and in the middle of nowhere.

Even during daily intracity commutes these may happen. Given below are some accessories that I felt very essential in such situations. I haven’t used all of them yet, fortunately I haven’t come across such a situation. But many of my friends who frequently drive long distances have experienced one or more of these incidents and many of these accessories are used and recommended by them. (more…)


Cult bikes of past days coming back to India

This post should be particularly interesting for people born in the early 70s or before. Between 1970 and 2000 there were very few but exciting bikes being produced in India. Having a bike then was considered a luxury and and those who were youngsters had thoroughly enjoyed those bikes. There are news in the internet…

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