What is the legacy of Late Mohammad Aziz?

If you were born in or around the 70s then most probably the name Mohammad Aziz needs no introduction to you. If you're anything like me, you must have sung and danced to his tunes, in different languages. The one "Saawan Ke Jhoolon Ne Mujhko Bulaaya" from the movie "Nigahen (Release 1989)" still sends me…


Manabasa Gurubar || Famous Festival of Odisha

The story of "Manabasa Gurubar" teaches us against the evil practices of Untouchability in ancient society. It also stresses the importance of feminism and empowers the female power to not get suppressed by male hegemony. The word Manabasa comes from two words Mana (a measuring unit to measure paddy in olden days) a pot made of…

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