Major portion of our population lives in villages or small cities. And as you may already be aware the communication skills of the students in those places is not very good. I too was born and brought up in such small towns of my home state. The education in the government schools there were not too bad, but none of the students in my batch were good at communication. But when I grew up, completed my bachelor’s degree and went to big cities, only then I realized that communication and networking are most important skills when you move up in your career. Also it was then that I started working on my own communication skills. There were days when even I thought if I could do anything to help those students with their communication skills.

Having exposure to the IT field I explored to see if any digital medium available to help children with that. But turned out that most of them are good for learning other subjects but no communication skills. One day accidentally I found an android app from Google named “Bolo”. It’s still not released for the public, but the link to download is here if you’re interested to give it a try and also help in improving it further. This app is a real boon for primary grade students in rural areas and small towns where the schools don’t give much importance to communication skills. It helps children learn reading English as well as Hindi. Hence it’s equally helpful for non-hindi speaking people to learn speaking Hindi effectively.

I’ve downloaded this app about a month ago and my child who’s in primary school enjoys using it. There are some very minor issues with the app too like the animated character that helps the learner with pronunciation, sometimes hides the text. I’ve sent my feedback to the developer and hopefully, that’ll improve in the future. However, I’ve tested the app myself and I’m sure that it really is going to be a great help for primary school children who are not good in English and Hindi verbal communication. The app is aimed at helping kids who are unable to go to schools or have no access to it. The Bolo app can be downloaded for free from Google’s Play Store using the link given above and below. The app can also work offline and does not require an active internet connection. The app encourages children to read aloud and also gives instant feedback.

I’ve given above a link to download the bolo app, I’m giving it again here. Given below are some screenshots from the bolo app & some links where you can learn more about it:

Links for further read:


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