What is the best mobile phone to buy under Rs …

You might have seen this question already in many forums. You might have asked it yourself in some forums too. Let’s see what is the answer to this type of questions then.

Disclaimer: I’m no mobile phone expert, professional reviewer, etc. All I’ll talk / write is from my huge experience with these cute little (not little any more) devices.

My short answer to this question is – None.

Even in the highest priced mobile phone in the world you may find something that doesn’t meet your expectation.

Let’s consider from another angle. The smart phones run on software like Android. Also various apps needed to perform certain actions are pieces of software too. As long as there is software, there will be bugs. And if there are bugs, they’ll certainly hamper the experience of some users in some ways. Let me know if you don’t agree with this. And that’s not the only caveat, think from the phone maker’s point of view, they design a device targeting a particular type of end users, sometimes they succeed and sometimes fail. Even if they succeed, just the targeted group of users may like the device, not necessarily the rest.

So now, what do you do? Should you not buy the smart mobile phones then? That’s out of question. We’ve been habituated with doing so many things using our smart phones that we can’t do even few hours without them.

I would advise, do buy yourself a smart mobile phone, but first think what exactly you want from your phone, prioritize your requirements and then finalize a model on that basis. Let’s take some examples:

Gamer: If you’re a gamer and mostly spend your free time playing high end games on your smart phone, you would need high processing power, lots of RAM & internal storage, good sound output and of course battery backup.

Working Professional: Most of the times you’ll use your device to check emails, maybe little browsing and youtube video, some calling. If that’s all you do then most probably you need a device with decent battery backup, moderate processing power, good call quality and good connectivity.

Tech Savvy: These guys are normally never happy with the default functionality of a phone. Hence they would like a phone where they can install their own choice of android OS, make customizations that are unthinkable for a non-geek user. They would like a phone that’s powerful and also the warranty shouldn’t be voided if jail broken (this means heavy customization which is also risky).

Me: My expectations from my ideal phone is almost impossible to meet. I like small size, my hands are smaller than normal so I’m most comfortable with 5″ phones. Excellent camera performance, excellent battery backup, lag free performance (read smooth), good GPS, powerful enough with enough internal memory and RAM because I use a lot of apps for various purposes, mustn’t cost more than Rs 20k, must be running pure android and not a customized one. What’s left out!!

As you can see above there is no best phone out there, you need to select one depending on your requirements.

If you prefer watching videos over reading, you may watch the video below where I’ve described the same things, in Hindi. If you don’t see any video now, then it’ll be posted in due course.

If you’re the kind who prefers to watch and listen than reading, here is a video for you:


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